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We create and cultivate premium yeast, wild yeast, and bacteria for all commercial, craft, and home brewers. Period.

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Your product kicks ass! We will spread the word.

Greg Kitchen | Triple Voodoo

We’ve purchased a few pitches of yeast from you over the past six months and have really been pleased by the yeast’s performance. Our last pitch GY018 destroyed that wort and achieved over 91% attenuation.

Ryan Graham | Track 7

I went out 10 generations with it and all was good! I even made a Cream Ale for the 7th Generation and still very clean yeast flavors!

Michael Mraz | Mraz Brewing Company

The Kolsch yeast worked beautifully and is down to about 1.009. The samples we are taking off of it are a wonderful flavor and I’m really impressed with it. We basically used our blonde recipe and tried the Kolsch yeast with it and I think it’s going to be a big improvement. I will let you know when it’s ready to go on tap and maybe you can come down and try it. We are going to use the Vermont IPA yeast tomorrow in a very hoppy pale ale that we do. I figured this would be best because the original gravity is only about 1.054.

Thanks again and I look forward to ordering more yeast soon!

Just a little quick feedback. The kolsch is a huge hit! We even have Gourmet Haus Straud (who swore to never carry a non German Kolsch) considering it. It is a wonderful yeast.

The Vermont IPA yeast has made our pale ale about as close to perfect as we have ever envisioned. This is our most popular beer and we, and more importantly customers, are amazed that it is even better now. It is drier then our previous version but just like you said has amazing aroma and maintains a maltiness that creates a unique balance that is terrific. We are Gigayeast fans for sure.

Look forward to working with you much much more!

Dan Littlefield | Hop Dogma

The yeast is awesome…. we switched our black IPA from 1056 to this. we are finding that the apparent bitterness is a little less but the aroma and flavor is way better. Other than having to increase bittering hops we are supper happy with this strain.

Paul Auclair | Deep River Brewing

FYI- loving this yeast. Good reviews so far on our Pub Ale. We’ve made a range of English styles and they’ve all come out great.

Ed Edsten | Jack Rabbit

That Scourmont Abbey yeast you send was the bomb diggity. I taste the stone fruit at low temp fermentation (like we do with our rye) and at higher temp ramp with our wit we get a little more estery profile.

Paul Auclair | Deep River Brewing

We recently purchased a 10 BBL pitch of your Vermont IPA strain for use at our brewery. Simply put, we absolutely loved it! It has quickly become my favorite strain for hoppy American ales.

Ben Howe | Enlightenment Ales & Idle Hands Craft Ales

Our first order with you arrived yesterday afternoon. Within minutes of it’s arrival it had a new home in a fresh batch of wort. We’re currently redesigning our entire beer portfolio, and have decided to give GigaYeast a try.

The yeast pitch was perfect for the batch size and we are seeing high krausen less than 10 hours after pitch. The yeast was creamy, lovely, and apparently ready to work! With all the other complications of running a brewery, it’s nice to have something work literally right out of the box.

Thanks for the great start! We look forward to great beer and a great relationship.

Kevin Pratt | Creekside Brewing, Heirloom Brewing

We are having tremendous luck with our first few ferments using both the GY054 and GY018! Thanks!

Sean Nolan | Honest Weight Beer

The yeast performed extremely well! We have never had a fermentation like it! Very happy about it.

Mikael Kolven | Stjordalsbryggeriet

Hey gang,

Wanted to inform you that GY018 was in our gold medal winning specialty saison.

Thanks for making awesome yeast!


Josh Bushney | Two Rivers Brewing

We just heard from Beer Post (Korea’s top beer magazine) that Kukmin IPA, beer we brewed with your GY054, was voted Korea’s #1 beer in a consumer survey. We were also voted #1 brewery in Korea! This is all the more amazing because we only started brewing this beer in August. Our Kukmin and 054 must have left quite an impression to beer enthusiasts here.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for working with us. It could’ve been a very complicated process shipping yeast across borders, but your guys have been utmost helpful. Could not have done this with you guys. Thank you!

Very much looking forward to working with you in the new year. Happy Holidays!

Jaehong Cho | The Booth Brewing Company

  • GigaYeast started in July 2011 to create perfect yeast with the right pitch rate and no detectable contamination for commercial brewers of every size.
  • We pride ourselves on hand picking every one of our yeasts, striving to build the best ambassador of every style.
  • Our specialty is in the science, with over twenty years of research, experimentation, and genetic studies.
  • We test every strain ad nauseam for consistent fermentation performance, flocculation, and flavor profile.
  • Give us a call. We’ll answer any questions and fill your order fast.

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