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GigaYeast, Inc. laboratory was opened in July 2011 to create perfect yeast for commercial brewers of every size. And by perfect we mean the right yeast, the right pitch rate and no detectable contamination. I hand pick every one of our yeast strains to be the best ambassador of its style and our customer service is second to none. Period.

Jim Withee Founder, CEO, Chief Scientist, Head Janitor

The most mysterious and beautiful part of brewing is fermentation. Think about it: a live microorganism transforms the sugars and protein from malt into a complex flavorful fizzy beverage. You’d think by now someone would have figured out how to make synthetic beer. But they haven’t. We still depend on live brewers yeast for that transformation today just like humans have for thousands of years. It’s one of the most complex and beautiful transformations in nature and the alchemy of fermentation has fascinated the best scientific minds for hundreds of years. I founded GigaYeast, Inc. to be a part of the craft beer and home brew movement using the skills and love for yeast and fermentation I cultivated over 20 + years of science and beer. As a young graduate student I received a PhD for studies on yeast genetics. After graduate school I worked at the Saccharomyces Genome Database– that’s where the then newly sequenced DNA of brewers yeast was first completed. All the while I was watching the craft beer movement grow and gaining a deeper and deeper appreciation for truly fine brew. After years of work as a Government Scientist I finally quit my high paying job and built the GigaYeast Laboratory. I put everything I know (and own!) into this laboratory and the end result is a process that creates perfect yeast. Now get out there and brew– we’re getting thirsty making all this beautiful yeast.

Loren Gibbs
Head of Production

I worked in food service and restaurant management for most of my life before coming to GigaYeast. Food and beer together are a natural pair and I enjoy learning about and consuming both. I have a degree in history from California State University Sacramento. Drinking beer taught me to appreciate the taste of great beer from different places around the world and from different eras. History taught me how beer has influenced, and been influenced by, human cultures across the world and through the ages. I’ve never lost a match of Edward Forty Hands. If you don’t know what that is you’ll have to stop by GigaYeast and ask me.

Cassie TenCate
Yeast Laboratory Technician

As a native South Dakotan, I grew up around cows and corn. My family introduced me to craft beer early in life, and I was hooked. While attending South Dakota State University I started working at the local brewing company. There my love for craft beer really blossomed. I started South Dakota’s first Girls Pint Out chapter, a women’s craft beer organization. After I graduated in May of 2015 with a degree in Biological Science, I married my wonderful husband Dustin and moved to the Bay Area. Now that I work at GigaYeast; I get to combine my two favorite things, beer and science. In my spare time I also run the San Jose Girls Pint Out chapter.

Amelia McCullough
Office Manager

I joined GigaYeast as the Office Manager in August 2016. Outside of the office, I enjoy homebrewing and cheering for the Wisconsin Badgers. New to the Bay Area, I have been exploring the craft beer scene along with my trusty sidekicks Ben and Flint. In my former life, I was Co-Director for an archaeological laboratory in Belize, researching Maya sites. I highly recommend Belize as a great vacation destination for both beach lovers and trail blazers.

The Dog

Roxie splits her time in the office between lying in the sunny patch near the window, scaring off delivery persons and getting petted by brewers.

Amar Basi
Packaging Technician

I was born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley. After graduating high school, I decided that a working-class hero was something to be and this mindset led me to bounce around at odd jobs in Southern California while learning to surf. A desire to learn more about and experience my ethnic identity lead me to complete a National Outdoor Leadership School semester abroad in India. This experience humbled me and uncovered a desire to return to school. I graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Anthropology and was drawn to the disciplines consideration of culture’s impact on our species’ biology and vice versa. After graduating from UCLA, I worked for a C.R.O. where I discovered my penchant and comfort for benchwork. This experience ultimately led me to my position here at GigaYeast where I hope to expand my skillset under the guidance of the fabulous staff here.

Matt Neissa
Propagation Engineer

As an avid homebrewer, and Northeast native one could say I was raised with a craft beer in hand. I joined GigaYeast in 2016 as the Propagation Engineer. I hold a Degree in Brewing Sciences from Germany along with a BS in Biology from Stanford University focusing in fermentation. Growing up in the Northeast and having lived in the UK and Europe for several years, I instantly fell in love with true craft beer. Seeing the amazing diversity and regionality of fermented beverages, inspired me to pick up a mash paddle and begin brewing at home over a decade ago. Outside of the office, I enjoy cooking, particularly molecular gastronomy having studied it at Le Cordon Bleu, and cheering for my home teams: the Patriots and Yankees!

Office Dog

When not heralding office deliveries, Flint enjoys relaxing in the sun, exploring new breweries with his people, and always looking out for new things to eat.