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Lab Services

Test for Beer Spoilers

GigaYeast Laboratory will test your sample for beer spoilers and provide you with a uniquely easy to interpret report by email within 5 days of receiving the sample. We test packaged beer, wort/beer in sterile containers or environmental samples. Just call (699) 342-7757 or email For more information about where and how to collect samples see the GigaYeast Little Guide to Microbial Quality Control.

Beer Spoilers Test Kit

Screen your wort, beer or enviromental samples for complete panel of potential beer spoilers. Kit includes everything you need to sample tanks, yeast slurry, packaged beer, brewrery surfaces, etc. Just collect samples in the sterile containers provided. Place them in the box and ship using the prepaid shipping label (complete instructions included). Results received by email in 7 business days. To order call (699) 642-7757 or email

Yeast Banking

Bank a custom strain for your exclusive use: For a one time fee of $100.00 we will clean up your isolate and store it as a permanent glycerol stock at -80 C. 5 gallon direct pitches of your strain availble for $25. 15 BBL pitches or higher require 14 day lead time.


Full Microbial Analysis $25


Complete kit includes everything you need to collect a sample, prepaid shipping & lab results

1 Sample $39.53

2 Samples $67.15

3 Samples $93.77

4 Samples $120.39

5 Samples $147.01


One time fee (including clean-up,
isolation, and storage)

5 Gallon Direct Pitches $25

15 BBL Pitch or Higher CALL