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Thank you for accommodating on short notice. Y’all are my favorite yeast


Your customer service is great.  Keep up the great work.  We are very impressed with Giga!


Hey guys, just wanted to send you a quick note that I brewed with the GY030 American Lager for the first time and the beer is incredible! I’ve brewed a lot of lagers with a lot of different types of yeast and I think this one might be my favorite overall profile. Brewed an American Lager with 100% Heidelberg malt and Hallertau hops.

Thank you for the great yeast!


So the reviews on the last few beers made with the 054 have been outstanding.  I can’t say enough good things about Gigayeast.


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent customer service! You saved my brew schedule and i couldn't be happier with your product. I am pleased report that last weeks brew was not only and overwhelming success but they resulting product has a yeast character more inline with our needs. We will most definitely be using gigayeast in the future.




We Just heard from beer post (Korea's top beer magazine) that kukmin IPA, Beer we Brewed with your GY054, was voted Korea's #1 Beer in a Consumer survey. We were also voted #1 Brewery in Korea! This...

Hey gang, Wanted to inform you that GY018 was in our gold medal winning specialty saison. Thanks for making awesome yeast! Josh

The yeast performed extremely well! we have never had a fermentation like it! Very happy about it.

We are having tremendous luck with our first few ferments using both the GY054 and GY018! thanks!

Our first order with you arrived yesterday afternon. Within minutes of it's arrival it had a new home in a fresh batch of wort. We're currently redesigning our entire beer portfolio, and have...

We recently purchased a 10 BBL pitch of your vermont IPA strain for use at our brewery. Simply put, we absolutely loved it! it has quickly become my favorite strain for happy American ales.

That scourmont abbey yeast you send was the bomb diggity. I taste the stone fruit at low temp fermentation (Like we do with our rye) and at higher temp ramp with our wit we get a little more estery profile.

FYI-Loving this Yeast. Good Reviews so farm on our pub ale. We've made a range of English styles and they've all come out great.

The yeast is awesome....We switched our black IPA from 1056 th this. We are finding that the apparent bitterness is a little less but the aroma and flavor is way better. Other than having to increase...

The kolsch yeast worked beautifully and is down to about 1.009. The samples we are taking off of it are a wonderful flavor and I'm really impressed with it. We basically used our blonde recipe and...

I went out 10 Generations with it and all was good! I even made a cream ale for the 7th Generation and still very clean yeast flavors!

We've Purchased a few pitches of yeast from you over the past six months and have really been pleased by the yeast's performance. Our last pitch GY018 destroyed that worth and achieved over 91% attenuation.

Jim, Your Product Kicks Ass! We will Spread the Word

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