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GY134: Kveik #1

Attenuation Medium Gravity* 74% - 78%

Attenuation High Gravity* 74% - 78%

Temperature Range† 80 - 100F

Flocculation medium

Description: A traditional Norwegian Kviek yeast that can be fermented at 85-100 F for fast fermentations and no off flavors. We have found a 15 P wort attenuates to 74% - 78% in as little as 48 hours at 90F. Subtle notes of citrus fruit make this yeast an excellent choice for clean hop-forward IPAs and Pale Ales with citrus hop additions

Representative Styles: Pale Ale, IPA, NEIPA

* Attenuation was measured after 8 days with Ale yeast at 70˚F and Lager yeast at 50˚F. Medium Gravity is 14˚ – 16˚Plato. High Gravity is 23˚- 25˚Plato.

† The working temperature range represents the range at which fermentation for a given strain produces a typical attenuation- not necessarily the ideal temperature for your particular beer style. As a rule of thumb, start ale yeast fermentation at 68˚ – 72˚F and then lower or raise temp as desired. Lager Yeast are typically fermented at 45˚ – 58˚F. If desired, Lager Yeast can be given a “hot start” at 65-68˚F and then lowered to the primary temperature after active fermentation begins (10-20hrs).

GigaYeast laboratory is still gathering data on many of our strains. Information provided here may change some in the future. Please call if you need more info.

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